Specified editing

RedigeringsprogramAre there sections on your films that you don´t want to include in the transferred footage? Or scenes that you would like to put in a different order?



We can edit the films for you, if you choose "specified editing."



If you choose to add specified editing to our order, we will check the footage for ugly splices and failed shots. We can move any specific scene, delete unwanted scenes, and so on.


Always attach a detailed paper in which you describe the edits, with timecode and with description of the different scenes.


We have chosen to use a fixed rate for specified editing, to make it as easy as possible for you to figure out the price in advance. But that doesn´t mean that we can special-edit each scene that can be found on the film reels at that price.


If your editing request are too extensive we will contact you with cutom pricing before we begin the transfer.