Safe storage

Preserve your films in our digital safes.


Do you want secure long-term storage for your films?

We have a secure and convenient solution, store the material in our digital safes.


All your movies will be secured in two fire-resistant archives in two separate buildings. If something would happen to your films in the future, or if you just want an extra copy later on, we can easily make new recordings from our archives.

  • The films in our digital safes are editable, every filmreel is stored as a separate file.
  • Unlimited space at a fixed price, to all films that we have transferred to DVD/HD/hard drives.
  • Attach a DVD with additional content, such as your digital still images, and we will add them to your archive at no additional cost.
  • Our digital safes are completely isolated from the internet, so hacking is an impossibility.
  • All material is stored in two different archives, in two separate buildings.
  • UPS battery backup protects all equipment related to the archives.
  • The archives in the separate buildings are locked up in fireproof cabinets, which are classified to withstand a maximum of 1000-degree heat (celsius) during 120 minutes without data loss.

Hard drivesAll this for only 249 SEK for 2 years (about 0.34 SEK per day), an unbeatable price, given the extremely high level of security and the unlimited space.


There is no need for you to feel any consern for your films or digital images, they are safe in our archives.



If you want to add more digital images to your archive in the future, just contact us.


If you put a hard drive/copy of your films in a conventional safe it just gives you a false sense of security. In just a few years the file systems, the optical media and hard drives can be of an entirely different type than what we have on the market today.


In our digital safes, we will manage the migration of your files to new data carriers, new file systems and new standards in line with the technical evolution. We will copy and verify the intergrity of each file in every step of the migration. By being active and moving the digital content to the new systems the level of security over long periods of time will increase significantly. By actively migrating the data our digital safes are safer than conventional safes for long-term storage of digital content.


The storage is extended with 2-year intervals, without any need for you to place new orders for the storage. Customers that are looking for storage in our digital safes for other data than films which we transferred to DVD will receive a limited space of 40 GB per digital safe.