Test clips

SMPTE testfilm from Super 8 - Standard 8 - 16mm film

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SMPTE testfilm is the best unbiased way to determine image resolution. SMPTE is a internationally recognized standards developing organization, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

  • 1 - 16mm SMPTE testfilm
  • 2 - Super 8 SMPTE testfilm
  • 3 - Standard 8 SMPTE testfilm
  • 8 - Samtliga SMPTE testfilmer i TIF format
1 - 16mm SMPTE - 13,5mb
2 - Super 8 SMPTE - 6,4mb
3 - Standard 8 SMPTE - 12,8mb
4 - 16mm SMPTE testflm, TIFF images in zip-archive, 2,1mb

Testfilm description - It is not possible to view 1920x1080 films through the internet due to bandwidth restrictions. We decided to show cut-out parts from the 16mm testfilm, in full resolution. Because all HDTVs treat all standard-quality films with a "de-interlace" we wanted to show how much that degrades the image quality.


The most accurate comparison it the comparison to the images that are de-interlaced. It shows the difference that is shown by a HDTV, all flatscreen TVs treat all DVDs with de-interlace.