Datafiles for editing

In standard quality

Do you want to edit your films? The easiest way to edit film today is with a computer, software for editing and datafiles. When you are done editing you can make your own film DVD´s of the material.


A tip: We recommend two separate versions of your old films: one recording on data-DVD´s that you can use for editing, and one recording with finished film-DVD´s that you can play with any standalone DVD player or computer. Then the rest of the family can easily view the old footage from the sofa in front of the TV, and you can edit the films without the rest of the family looking over you shoulder constantly asking: "Are you done soon? When can we see the film?"


Software for editing: All computers that have Windows XP or Vista already have video editing software installed, Windows Moviemaker. Moviemaker can handle the basic elements of editing, it cannot handle advanced editing. Mac computers have iMovie, it is also a basic video editing software.

Premiere Elements




We recommend Adobe Premiere Elements for video editing with a PC. It can be downloaded as a trial version for free. If you choose to buy the software after the 30 day trial period it costs just under one thousand SEK.




Final Cut


We recommend Final Cut Express if you will be editing your films with a mac, it costs just below 2000:- SEK to buy.


There are professional versions of both Final Cut and Premiere, but they cost considerably more than the consumer oriented elements- and express versions.


If you can choose between editing with a PC and a editing with a mac, always choose the mac. Final Cut is far superior to Premiere.



File format:We can deliver the film in different formats for editing, AVI-files, mpeg2-files or recorded on miniDV-tape. There is a big difference between the AVI-files and mpeg2-files in the compression, they use very different codecs. A quick and simple explanation:

  • AVI-files give the best image quality. A little more expensive because it needs more DVD´s. AVI-files is the best option and can be handled by all software for editing, for example Windows Moviemaker that is installed on all computers with Windows XP or Vista operating system. Please note that AVI files are not compatible with mac computers. Please let us know if you have a mac, we will deliver the films as mov-files instead of AVI files. They both have the exact same quality and the exact same content, the only difference is that "mov" is a mac-friendly container.
  • Mpeg2-files gives a little bit lower image quality and can be handled by many softwares for editing, but not all. Windows Moviemaker can´t edit mpeg2-files. You have to buy editing software to edit your mpeg2 files. The mpeg2-files are a little bit cheaper than AVI-files, because they fit on fewer DVD´s.
  • MiniDV-tape is exactly the same file format as our AVI files (dv codec), although on a different medium (magnetic tape as datacarrier instead of DVD´s). You will need a a MiniDV camera and firewire connection to your computer in order to to copy the content from the tapes to your computer. A little bit cheaper than AVI files.

For a detailed technical explanation of the compression differences, click here..