Datafiles for editing

In HD-quality

Do yu want to edit your HD transferred films at home? This requires a quite powerful computer and proper good editing software, windows moviemaker cannot handle HD editing.

When you are finished with your editing you can make your own custom designed Blu-ray disc, or export to a HD moviefile that you can stream/play directly through your home entertainment system.


Two versions: We recommend two versions of your films; One with the datafiles for editing and one with Blu-ray movie discs (or a downscaled DVD in the lower standard-quality).


Then the rest of the family can easily view the old footage from the sofa in front of the TV, and you can edit the films without the rest of the family looking over you shoulder constantly asking: "Are you done soon? When can we see the film?"

Premiere Elements


Software for HD editing: Windows Moviemaker is no good for HD editing, you need proper video editing software like Final Cut, Premiere, Sony Vegas, or something similar.


We recommend Adobe Premiere Elements for video editing with a PC. It can be downloaded as a trial version for free. If you choose to buy the software after the 30 day trial period it costs just under one thousand SEK.



Final Cut


With a mac you can edit in HD with iMovie, or you could buy Final Cut Express if you want a better editing software, it costs just below 2000:- SEK to buy.


There are professional versions of both Final Cut and Premiere, but they cost considerably more than the consumer oriented elements- and express versions.





Fileformat: We always deliver the HD files in a format that is compatible with both PC and mac computers and that preserves the highest possible image quality, the ProRes 422 HQ. In order to playback ProRes, and to edit in ProRes, you need to have Quciktime 7.5.5 or a higher version installed on your computer. You can download the latest version of Quciktime here, it is completely free to download and use.


Harddrive: We will deliver your HD files on a external hard drive. You can send us your hard drive along with your films at no extra cost. Just make sure the drive is completely empty and big enough to hold all your HD files. Please remember to send us all tha cables that are needed to operate the hard drive. We can handle hard drives attached to a PC or a mac with any of the following computer standards: USB, eSATA, firewire- or firewire 800 connection.


For very small orders a large USB flash drive will also work, if it is formatted to NTFS or HFS+ filesystem. All film must fit on one USB flash drive, you cannot split one reel to several USB drives.


If you don´t have any external hard drive, or if you just prefer to get a new drive for your films, you can buy a new hard drive from us. We always have hard drives in stock, ready for delivery. Remember to let us know if you will be editing with a PC or a mac, so we can format the hard drive with the correct filesystem for your computer.


Space needed on the hard drive: If your hard drive doesen´t have enough space for all your films we will automatically add one of our hard drives to the order (if we haven´t received any other instructions). The files will need approximately 1,5 GB for each minute of HD film, so you should calculate 90 GB for each hour.


Packaging: If you choose to send us a hard drive please package the drive well in a box! A envelope does not provide enough space for soft wrapping, please use a box with lots of wrinkled paper or similar to make the journey as soft and comfortable as possible for your fragile hard drive.


Hard drives are very fragile and sensitive, and the post is not always hadled with care (even if we wish that was the case).