Price Guarantee

We are convinced that we at Uppsala Bildteknik deliver the best quality at the best price. We give a price guarantee, if you can find a competing company offering the same service at a lower price, you can choose which price list we will use: our prices or the competitor's price list.


You can choose to hire us, to their prices. Even if the competing company looks like it might be cheaper at first glance it may be worthwhile to examine their prices more closely before you make the decision regarding what price list we will use.

  • Do they charge extra for small filmreels?
  • Extra charge for regular 8 films, for splicing?
  • Does they charge extra for color correction, DVD menus, sound films, packaging?

All competitors do not even write out their prices in easy to read price lists, they force their customers to search through different parts of their website to find all the various additions to their prices.

You choose the price list - we deliver exactly what you want. If you want us to use the competitor's price list we will do it, and charge accordingly.Money


Please note that the price might be higher than our normal prices, for example, if the splices break frequently and the competing company charges extra for splices.


Our price warranty applies to companies that use a proper filmscanner, not homebuilt mockups or off-the-wall transfers with video cameras, or similar.


The price warranty is mainly aimed at prices for filmtransfers in Sweden. If you find a price for filmtransfer from a competitor within Europe and want to use our price warranty, please contact us through email, and we will take a look at it.