Custom motion menus

All our DVDs are authored with both main-menus and sub-menus with chapterpoints at 5-minute intervals.


The menus are both motion menus with 30 seconds clips showing the content of each specific button. We will also add text to the menus that describe the content, at no extra cost. Mark the reels with numbers in the order you want them transferred, and write down what you want in the menus on a numbered list on piece of paper that is attached to the order.


DVD < Blu-ray menu


The motion menus gives you a great overview of the content on the DVD.


Having chapterpoints in a sub-menu means that you can easily find a specific section on the disc and can choose to view the DVD from that specific chapter. If you want to view the DVD from the beginning just press the "Play movie" (or the play button on the remote control) and lean back and enjoy your DVD.


If you want to jump forward during playback you can skip to the next chapter with your remote control, or to go back to the DVD menu and choose a new chapter.


The best way to deliver the texts to the menus is to delivert them as electronic files on a CD ROM, floppy disk, USB memory or with e-mail. Then we can "copy and paste" your texts, it saves us time and you don´t have to worry about us missspelling anything in the menus, since all the text is copied directly. If you don´t have the possibility to deliver the texts as electronic files you can just write them down on a piece of paper and attach the paper to your order.


If we cannot find any texts at all we will mark the films with "Film 1", "Film 2", and so on, in the menu.


If we receive the texts electronically you can have unlimited amount of text to each filmreel for free (up to 256 letters per reel). If we receive the texts written on a piece of paper we will take a maximum of 35 letters for each reel, the rest of the text will be ignored (if there is more than 35 letters for each reel).