Delivery time

The approximate delivery time is about 4 weeks at the moment. We have tons of work, satisfied customers is the most efficient advertising, so we have a lot to do...


All orders are put in line and transferred accordingly, musicvideos and newly shot footage gets priority. If you want a rush order we will add 20% for express delivery, express orders are transferred immediately.


Small orders with single reels gets priority and shorter delivery times, since they are often test transfers to see the quality.


We spend a lot of time colourcorrecting the footage. That is why it is very difficult to assess the delivery time, as it depends on how much time we have to spend on the orders we have in stock. Some orders are easily corrected and others require more work.


Instead of chasing a quick buck with sloppy results we extend the delivery time and make the best possible transfer for each order. We will not lower our standards, not even if we choke on orders.


We at Uppsala Bildteknik prefer quality over quantity, which sometimes means longer delivery times. That is something we are proud of!


ShenkerAll packages are collected directly from us with delivery trucks. They are handled by experienced personel, signed for and logged. The packages are delivered to your closest post office.


You get updates continuously, with information through e-mail when the package is registered at checkpoints.



We keep backup copies of all material on two separate hard drives for 10 days after you received the package, so you have plenty of time to check that everything is OK. We can easily make new copies of your order if needed, while we have the backup copies.