We at receive a lot of e-mails from satisfied customers. Despite the fact that we have read the same praise several times, it is always more fun to hear from you. (One can probably never get enough praise...). We feel proud and try to deliver even higher quality. Spreading joy is a pure pleasure!


Here is a small sample of all the letters we have received.

Kent, I got the movies a few days ago. Now that I've found the time to check the transfer I must say that I'm very impressed. Definition is very good, even some severely damaged footage came out quite good. Colors are truthful and many times very beautiful. Thanks again for a  very good job.


Regards from Spain! Rubén Torrejón

Kent, I just received the tapes today. Thanks for the transfer. it's nice to see you working on the 'best light' scene by scene. How come you never mentioned your service is the absolute best? I've tried out three different rank / flashscan services so far, but never received such an enthusiastic approach on getting the most out of the material. And at this price. Great customer service as well, you got the knack for that.


Oskari Päiviö Finland

Ok, so it took some finagling but I managed to get the NTFS file to work on my mac. The telecine is utterly beautiful!  The black and white image left me stunned.  Now I just need to work on my focus and lighting techniques. 


Otherwise I can't tell you how happy I am with your work.  I look forward to sending you more footage and I will be telling all of my super 8 wielding friends to send their work your way.


Thanks again!! Jeff Zorrilla, Brookly, USA

Hi Kent! Everything arrived in perfect condition. Gorgeous transfer! You've done a great job. I saw the reel you told me and yes ... it's AGFA. It remembers me when I started shoothing at the age of 13 and AGFA was the most interesting option due to the price. But today those films are getting that blueish-green tints (as you say). Weird, but it gives a curious look too ... Thanks a lot, Kent. It was a pleasure to do bussines with you. See you at filmshooting.com! Cheers,


Marc Marti Spain

Kent, I got the super 8's and DVD's. I am very pleased - the quality is excellent! Thank you very much - it was well worth the wait and expense! I will prepare the next batch and send it to you this week hopefully. I will let you know when they are on their way. Many thanks.


Best regards, Reza Farman-Farmaian Geneva, Switzerland


When we asked Reza if we could use his e-mail on our website he replied:

Sure - no problem - go ahead and use my e-mail, also if anyone wants a reference to talk to they can call me.

We can supply the phonenumber if anyone wants to call Reza, hopefully he will not be bothered with phonecalls all the time, it sure was nice of him to stand up and offer this fantastic support to us! Again, many thanks to you Reza! Kent Kumpula - Uppsala Bildteknik AB

"Extremely impressed with the transfer. I can't fault anything with the results. The definition, contrast, shadow detail, image stability, colours, grain reproduction all does justice to the glory of the Super 8 format, unlike the splotchy transfers I've had in the past.


The only improvements I can think of is what I could of done behind the camera during the shoot. Watched it on my 50" Panasonic Full HD Plasma TV and the image is absolutely beautiful. Hardly any noticable compression, pixelation, or digital artifacts. It's amazing how much detail is in contained in a 8mm frame and how far it can be stretched in digital reproduction.


I'm so happy to have found a place that will transfer Super 8 in HD for such an affordable price. This really opens up small format filming making to people on a tight budget. I will definitely be sending all my older reversal footage to you in the near future. My friends father has enquired to me about getting all of his old Super 8 family footage reels transferred and I've directed him to your website."


-Chris Curry, Australia

It was fun to come into contact with a company that uses modern technology and communication. As a professional in distance learning, I have really appreciated Uppsala Bildteknik. I rarely use the telephone or write snail mail, I prefer the internet speed and efficiency. Therefore, I chose Uppsala Bildteknik as they through the internet appeared as they would have been in my own quarters and not over than 1000 kilometres away. As a customer I felt secure transferring my Super 8-films from the 1970s to DVD. The result was really good!


The text was written by

Kjell Olof Persson MSc.

Gällivare mail: kjell.persson.gellivare @ telia.com

Well, we got the package already yesterday, Monday, so we've looked at the films and are very satisfied with the quality of the transfer. Finally, I want to thank you for working so quickly ... I will suggest that we review the need to transfer more films. I get back to you when I know more.


Sincerely, Carl-Oscar Husqvarna Factory-Museum

Hello! You make wonders with my old filmreels! It surely didn´t look this good when I looked at it with a projector... it looked differentt, it was almost like having gravel in my eyes. Now we will save money for the holidays and we will get back to you this autumn with more films from the 1970-80. I hope it calms down a bit for you at work, so you can have some sparetime and holidays too!


Summergreetings from Sune. Ps.Yvonne (my wife) sends greetings, she wonders how you can deliver so good images from the often wrongly-zoomed, blurry and worn filmreels?

Were just received the first DVD and it looks very good. It is really fun to see these films without having to projector! Regarding the rest of the videos, I want them all on the same DVD ...


Best regards, Stefan W

Kent Hello! Good news - the DVDs has arrived, hurrah! After a few weeks in a black hole they suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I looked at some of the films and I am very pleased with the quality! And, not least for the support from you. I recommend you to everyone who I talk to. :-) I have backed up all the hard drive, but plan to verify the files by playing a bit from each file tonight. So I guess I won´t be needing any of the backup files from you (knock on wood).


Greetings Magnus

I received the film n the mail today. We are very pleased with the results and intend to recommend others to hire you.


Yours sincerely, Hans Martinsson

Hello Uppsala Bildteknik! Thank you very much for your very fine regular 8 transfers from film to DVD containing the trips we did to Italy - Tunisia in 1956 as children, and Spain - Morocco in 1957, your order-685 xxx xxx! The scenes in Tunis, where my father switched between 16 and 32 frames per second played back with the correct speed. For one and a half years ago, I ordered a similar job at a company here in Linköping. It looks like they video taped the regular 8 off-the-wall. The result was a disappointment, so at that time we did not transfer more films. I am delighted that I now have found a highly skilled company (through the internet) and therefore we will get back to you again, for more transfers. We will also add the previously transferred films. I´m already compile the material.


I´ll get back to you! Arne L

We are really supersatisfied,The quality is much better than we had expected. We will tell our friends about your website. I'll send the rest of my films this week, so we can ...


Harald P

Hello! Thank you for the transfer of 800 metres double and super-8 movies to MiniDV tapes. I have also used the services of 2 other professional firms for the transfer of super-8 but the results of these were much worse than from you. Both in respect of sharpness and colors your results look extremely good. I recommend all my friends who have 8mm films to hire you for the transfer of these to DV tape or DVD. Personally, I prefer DV tape. I have just over 3 000 metres film which I will send to you for transfer in the autumn. Thank´s a lot!


Sincerely Rolf Johansson

I received my film today. The colors turned out great! They are so much better than before, the films had a yellow tint. I'll probably ...


Thanks Robert S

I received the package today, it became quite expensive. But it was worth every penny. I didn´t know it was possible to get this good pictures from more than 30 years old films! I don´t think anyone can be more pleased than I am, a thousand thanks! The footage is priceless. Now I can look at my films without having to worry about scratching the films, or for it to stick to the projector and burn!


From a very satisfied customer. Mats H

Hi Kent I just wanted to tell you that the films and DVDs have arrived. The result is fine and very satisfying. I was a bit surpriced about the price that the Swedish post charges, I will collect more films next time and hope for a discount for bigger packages.


Friendly greetings Jesper Nielsen - Denmark

Hello, thank you for a good job. It is not cheap but, given the personal value of the films, it is still worth the money. I will come back with several films in due course.


mvh Rose-Marie Johansson

Oops! What a blast! I looked at the films and the result was far better than I dared hope for! Keep up the good work! :-D


Jan Sandred Crealog AB Uppsala

Hello. First, a big thank you for good work in our regular 8 transfers to DVD. The result was beyond our expectations. Merry Christmas and Happy 2007.


Sincerely John Wennberg Sigtuna

We received the films today and are superpleased, thank you, this is probably the perfect Christmas present.



Kent Hello! Thank you for films and DVDs, which I received last Friday! Let me say immediately that I am VERY happy - and relieved - that the deterioration of the at least 45 years old films have not gone further. A couple of the films were, as you said, full of grain and bad. But in one case, that a section that was filmed indoors, with existing light and with the F-stop fully open. And in the second case, it was a Ferraniafilm, which I warned for at the beginning of our correspondence. Although it was fully worth to see, not least because of the documentary value, but I have also made a black and white copy of it, which was quite OK. I would like to send the remaining films to you for transfer in the same manner as these films. This is ... Thanks again for a fine job done!


Yours sincerely, Olle Östlind

Hello! I now have DVD-R discs and they work great in my Dragon player. The menus and movies and everything works just as it should. You can delete the material from the hard drive now. A giant thanks for all service and fantastically well transferred films. I have already recommended you for a number of acquaintances and will continue to do so.


Yours sincerely, Martin J.

Hello! I just want to thank you for a great product / service. We received the order just in time for the party and our parents were very happy with the result. Thank you again for a good service!


Regards, Nancy Hebbelinck

I received the film today and I'm EXTREMELY SATISFIED. It was so rewarding to see the movie after many years, and now I have saved it for my children and grandchildren. The films had great colourquality that you somehow managed to get, the film looked much more yellow before, so once again thank you. I will recommend to you with a warm heart.


Greetings Agneta Fagerberg

Hei! I received the films and edited them to DVDs! It looks very good!


A job well done, and a thousand thanks! Johan

Hello Yesterday I received my package of 8mm films and DVD discs. I must say I was surprised how GOOD the quality was, although I at the time, was a beginner and had a not too expensive camera that also had a defect zoom. Well just the fun part left now, to edit them and make DVDs. Once again a BIG THANKS to a professional work in the transferring of my 8mm movies to AVI files. I will hire you again.


M.V.H Lasse Carlsson Stockholm

Kent Hello! I received my films and a DVD disc today. I am very pleased with the outcome that is beyond all expectations. Thank you very much for a serious job. I have more films and will send up a box in the near future for the same process. How do things look now, with delivery times? Or should I wait a while?


Greetings Ulf