Uppsala Bildteknik AB

Testwinner in the magazine Ljud & Bild!

The magazine Ljud & Bild (Sound & Image) made the biggest test in Sweden so far, regarding 8mm film transfers. They compared the image quality from a variety of the biggest companies that transfer 8mm film to DVD in Sweden. The magazine sent in the films anonymously and thus received the same treatment as the average customer would have received.


Magazine Ljud & Bild


The following quotations are targeted to the transfer from Uppsala Bildteknik AB! (as accurately translated to english as possible)

  • "The images are the best in the test"
  • "The transfer is correctly exposed, and with significantly better contrast. As such it is a proper finished product. The overall impression is sharp and distinct."
  • "The transfer is well balanced, of all the commercial transfers it is clearly the best."

We thank the people at Ljud & Bild, it's always fun to win tests!


There are many who work with filmtransfers, many try to hide their real price behind a lot of "add ons" and many supply transfers with very poor quality. And poor quality was something that the magazine experienced.


The following quotations in style are targeted to other companies in the same test!

  • "This transfer is almost completely useless."
  • "This is frequently exposed too bright, so that the bright parts of the picture is ultra white, with no content. They are apparently not using correctly adjusted gammacompensation, and hardly any manual adjustments at all. In addition, the picture is often very blurred in the left-hand side of the picture."
  • "There is also a very clear vignetting of the image from regular 8, the image's edges are dark."
  • "The image quality on this occasion, however, is really bad and someone should have noticed and reacted. But either no one has seen the error, or they just didn´t care."
  • "The representation was never be as bad as from XXXX, but never as good as from Uppsala Bildteknik. Resolution of the image is a little lower than that of the latter, and color images are a little redtinted."

Read the testimonials from satisfied customers. Among the letters you will find a number of international clients and museum.

Footnote: Uppsala Bildteknik has censored a company in one of quotations above with "XXXX", we do not want to point out or to denigrate any specific competing companies on our website.