SplicingSkarvning and repair

Super 8 & Regular 8 films

If your old films or splices break, we will re-splice and repair the films at no extra cost.


It is very common that old splices break. It doesen´t matter if the films are spliced with film cement or tape splices, they all deteriorate with time.


Tape splices from different manufacturers have passed the test of time in different ways, some have become stiff and shrunk the film, while others have become a sticky mess.


Spliced made with film cement can be very good, if they are properly made. A poorly made cement splice will break. We have received film reels with splices so weak that almost every splice would break. That is a very common issue with poor cement splices.


SkarvningSince quality is very important to us we use the best equipment available, both for the transfer and for splicing.


We use new splicing equipment and fresh tape, a CIR Catozzo M3-Super8 2T is used for Super 8 splicing.



SkarvningAnd of course we use similar equipment for Regular 8 splicing, a CIR Catozzo N8 metal De Luxe.

Together with Catozzo original tape they provide a fast and efficient splicing enviroment for our editors.


Catozzo splicing equipment are legendary in the film industry, they have even won an Oscar!


Or rather, it was the inventor Leo Catozzo that received the "Technical Achievement Award" in 1989, for the design and development of CIR Catozzo tape splicers.


His equipment has meant a lot to the film industry over the years.