Optical film to DVD or HD

super 8 - regular 8 - single 8 - 16mm film - HD-quality



Save your family heirloom.

Do you have old 8mm films lying around somewhere?

Films of your children when they were small, or even of yourself?


These films are getting old, and they will not last forever. The colors are fading, the filmbase is drying and becoming brittle. It is about time to take care of these films before they are destroyed and lost forever. The degradation process has already begun.


If it is necessary to view the films with a projector in order to identify them for the transfer, do so one last time.


Filmskarvning.Every time you view the films with a projector they are exposed to dust and you are risking new scratches.


If the film or any of the old splices would break, we will re-splice and repair your films at no extra cost.


After the transfer we will return all your old films to you on their original reels, cleaner than before the transfer. Re-spliced and fixed.





Old equipment is discarded.

We were among the first companies in Europe to invest in a Flashscan8, and several years before the companies that later followed out footsteps in Sweden.


It is only natural that we follow the technology and continously invest in the best hardware available. When other companies get stuck and hide their head in the sand we throw in a higher gear and aim at new goals.


FlashscanHD filmscanner



With the best 8mm filmscanner available we raise the image quality to new levels.

We set the foundation for the new level of quality by switching the old and outdated flashscan8 to the upgraded and heavily improved flashscanHD.


With our experienced staff and the best 8mm scanner available we can deliver your films with better image quality than any of our competitors. We were the first transferhouse in the northern hemisphere to deliver 8mm filmtransfers in HD-quality.


FlashscanHD - With 10-bit colorspace.

The increased colorspace gives us more headroom for advanced colorcorrections. Companies that use older/cheap equipment only get 8-bit colorinformation from the film, wich means that the quality of the end result might not look as good. With the very tight steps in the 10-bit colorscale we can push the limit for colorcorrection with sustained image quality.


With 8-bit colorspace you get 256 levels of each primary color, wich gives a total of:

256 x 256 x 256 = 16,777,216 different levels/combinations.


With 10-bit colorspace you get 1024 levels of each primary color, wich gives a total of:

1024 x 1024 x 1024 = 1,073,741,824 different levels/combinations.

10 bit vs 8 bit colorspace.

The difference in colorspace gives us the upper hand when colorcorrecting old films.


FlashscanHD - The sprocketless and clawless telecine machine.

The sprocketless filmtransport is truly a breakthrough and means that we can deliver a more stable image compared to our competitors at the same time as the scanner is more gentle with the old filmoriginals. Or do you prefer to send you old brittle films to a company that will feed it through gear wheels and a hammering claw that picks the film to advance it frame by frame?



FlashscanHD - With hardwarecalibrated lazerstabilizing of the image.

With the lazerstabilizing you can get rid of the oh so familiar jumping image at all the old splices that are not 100% accurate anymore. With our flashscanHD we can transfer shrunken 8mm film and films with extreme damages to the preforation without breaking a sweat.


Damages in the perforation (the small holes at the side of the film) normally means that the image is constantly jumping up and down. This will be stabilized by the lazerstabilizing feature of the FlashscanHD. It can even transfer 8mm films with totally trashed perforations, up to 15 frames in a row without any perforation left at all.


We can even transfer 8mm film with heavily damaged perforation. The standard procedure that most of our competitors are forced to use is to cut away the damaged parts.


Even if you are content with normal standard-quality you will benefit from the image stabilizing features of the flashscanHD. But if you want the best possible image quality from your famliy heirloom we recommend a transfer to HD-quality.


HD-transfer will without a doubt give noticeably better image quality compared to a standard transfer. If you´d like to see the difference with your own eyes we have testclips that will illustrate the difference.ShuttlePro.png


Over the years we have refined our skills and "the eye" for colorcorrection. It is not the equipment itself that stands for the most important part of the quality delivered, it is the telecine operator that continously supervises the transfer, adjusting the color balance, shaprness, gamma and blacklevels.


Without a experienced telecine operator even the best equipment available cannot deliver top notch image quality. To have a skilled colorist that can put down some serious time on the post production is as important as having really good hardware.


Skill and experience is very important, we can clearly see this if we look a little bit closer on the results from another swedish company. They use a flashscan8 and they boast about colorcorrecting all their transfers, this is what they delivered to their client. See the difference in the color between our transfers.



The colorist gives the final touch.

While scanning the films we adjust the sound with tonecontrols, we colorcorrect the footage both optically and digitally. After that we take the films to a editing program on a computer where our colorists can put down more time on difficult scenes to get the best possible image quality from your old films.



We adjust the highlights and shadows separately, gamma, contrast, and so on.


We want to do the utmost to get as good colors as possible. The image quality is our main feature, we transfer 8mm film to musikvideos and TV productions while at the same time transferring old family footage and film to different museums.


We treat each and every order as if it was our own family heirloom.


We transfer sound film at the same price as silent movies, regular 8 at the same price as super 8. We do not charge extra for small filmreels (we know many of our competitors choose to charge extra).


It can feel pretty empty to view films without a sound track in total silence, so we can add appropriate background music (acoustic guitars) to all films without sound track, without any extra cost. Films with original sound track will of course not receive any background music.


We use archival grade DVD´s with gold + silverlayers. Our film-DVD´s have menus with custom texts, motion clips from the content, submenus with chapterpoints, and so on. We won a big test in the magazine Ljud & Bild (Sound & Image) in which they compared the image quality from different transfer houses.